Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Various Types of Sterling Silver Chains

Sterling silver chains are in abundance the world over and are a popular choice when selecting jewellery due to its versatile nature. Sterling silver chains come in a variety of weights and styles and it is important to know what you are looking for before you decide to visit your local jewellery stores.

A very popular choice for men's jewellery, the ball chain is a continuous row of silver balls, which range in diameter from 2mm balls to 5mm ovals and are linked by short lengths of silver pins, creating a very distinctive and attractive design. This type of chain is popular for attaching ID tags to, better known as dog tags and the ideal length is roughly 18 inches, though length may vary according to the individual's preference.

Belcher chains are elegant in their simplicity. A simple design of interlinking rings, one attached to the next, creates an understated yet attractive chain that is a popular jewellery choice for necklaces. One can easily attach your favourite pendant, or wear it as a charm bracelet, ideal to attach a variety of beautiful charms to this very versatile design.
Sterling Silver Ball Chain

We move on to the beautiful cable chain, another popular choice for fashion jewellery. The pattern follows that of a belcher chain, but instead of each individual link being circular in shape, the cable chains individual links have a slight twist to them, creating a flatter, more uniform appearance to the entire design. Often you will find that the cable chain is a more attractive choice for a chain of heavier weight than the belcher chain.

The curb chain is made up of oval links. At the narrower edge of the oval, there is a slight twist or flattening of the link, creating a very distinctive design, ideally suited to very fine chains as well as heavier weight chains. This particular design is also very popular for bracelets and ankle chains.
Sterling Silver Cable Chain

A very distinctive sterling silver chain and a popular choice for necklaces as well as bracelets, is the anchor chain. A solid oval disk is taken and two smaller o-shaped cut-outs are made, so in appearance the oval resembles a loose figure eight in design. Each oval is connected via a single oval link. This is a decorative stand-alone chain that does not require the addition of a pendant to highlight its attractiveness.
You may well choose the simplistic design of the stick chain. This innovative and interesting design comprises slim cylinders of silver attached to single sterling silver links in an attractively distinctive pattern. The diameter of the cylinders can vary between 2.5mm and 3.5mm and can be worn in varying lengths to suit your individual tastes.

The box chain is made up of a series of square, interlinking sterling silver links. Available in fine to heavy weight, this style of chain is an attractive addition to any jewellery collection. A variant is the rectangular trace chain, which has wider, finer links and is a lovely choice for a longer length of chain, perhaps with a striking pendant.

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