Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sterling Silver Chains - The Ideal Jewelry For All Occasions

Typically sterling silver belongs to a class of its own. This in contrast to gold can be worn anytime anywhere and depending on what occasion you are adorning it for, it can lend a look of style and class to the wearer. It is only since the last couple of years that silver jewelry has gained popularity and one of the main reasons attributed to this is that it is one of the most versatile of metals and extremely affordable to boot. Termed by the Egyptians as lunar metal, today these silver chains are found in plenty throughout the world.
Classic Sterling Silver Curb Chain

For the simple reason that sterling silver has become so much in demand today jewelers across the globe are competing with each other in creating trendy and sophisticated designs to woo the people. Wearing a classy sterling silver chain with matching bangles and earrings with a beautifully designed, flowing gown will really set you apart in a crowd. And there are occasions when they look better on you than a gold jewelry set.

There are a variety of patterns when it comes to choosing sterling silver chains. You have the belcher chain in which consists of a very uncomplicated design of rings linked together one after the other. You also have the cable chain which is a very well worn design amongst the youth. There are also other styles like the anchor chains, herringbone, snake, Figaro, box and ball chains and with their demand on the increase it is being produced in large numbers, but all the same you will find that there are silversmiths who do more intricate and customized pieces for people who prefer to have designer chains.
Sterling Silver Cable Chain

The antique silver chains often had more than one strand and some people would twist them all together to give it a totally different appearance, while still others set them at various lengths to make it look more attractive and striking. Now if you have a single sterling silver chain you generally use a silver locket for it and invariably such lockets could house a tiny picture of someone you loved in them. For the men these chains became synonymous with pocket watches that was usually put in their waist-coat pockets and attached by means of such a chain.

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